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Health Benefits of Non-Alcoholic Wine (Halal Certified) 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has demonstrated the benefits of moderate consumption of wine to health. Those benefits include:

· Reduces the risk of death caused by cardiovascular illnesses

· Helps to combat the aging process due to the resveratrol and other polyphenols content - reduces the risks associated with cholesterol (LDL)

· Improves the skin’s appearance,

keeping it younger and smoother In order to attain these benefits derived from the consumption of wine, it is necessary to

consume quantities higher than recommended.

However, wine consumption must be moderated in order to avoid the problems associated with

the consumption of alcohol, which exceed the aforementioned benefits, such as cardiovascular problems, anxiety, liver illnesses, the increased risk of tumors, etc. To resolve this situation, non-alcoholic wines conserves all the goodness of wine and eliminates

the drawbacks associated with the consumption of alcohol.With non-alcoholic wines, individuals can savor the pleasure of premium wine in any setting and at any moment. Whether at work, with friends and family, special occasions, or with a relaxing evening at home, non-alcoholic is appropriate for all.